Friday, March 13, 2009

No I'm NOT DEAD!!!!!

Ok so my blog got pushed to the back burner for a while, life has been nuts. Between the kids and I being sick, many Cub Scout events, spring cleaning (HAHAHAHAHA) and just everyday crap I haven't had time to sit down and gather my thoughts. I do have many funny stories to share and interesting analysis's so I promise to get some of it logged soon. (Like anyone really cares...LOL!!!) Until then....

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Gym Didn't Help

I thought going to the gym today would have helped me become motivated...not!!! Well it did a little. I worked out, I went to the grocery store, I dropped a package off at FedEx, I picked the Princess up from school, I even made lunch and then I opened the mail...bad move. Bill after bill after bill. Some going down, some going up, all requiring creative banking to cover. It's depressing. I just shouldn't open the mail on Friday or Saturday this way my weekend wouldn't be shot in the ass. I mean I know what we owe I just don't need to be reminded of it 24/7. I need a mental holiday from economic stress, it's really bringing me down!!!! On the up side, it is Friday and good friends of ours are coming over to hang, decompress and have a few drinks now that I am looking forward to. The rest of my woes will be there come Monday, they can wait. Hopefully next week I will be able to wrap my head around life a little better then this week. This week sucked. Oh well, have a good one. Cheers!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can Chores Wait?

WOW, I really didn't want to get up this morning. I mean I never want to get up but this morning was brutal. It must be a heavy gravity day. I just can't get motivated. I have lots to do but no desire to do it. Hell I'm even still in my snuggy PJs. I know there are beds to make, laundry to wash, furniture to dust, floors to vacuum and a bathroom to clean but...well ya know I just don't feel like it. Of course I will get dressed and tackle some of it but I really don't want to. I'd much rather stay cuddled up on the couch with my four year and watch Sesame Street!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being "Nice" is exhusting

Ever have to deal with someone who you really don't like and that really doesn't like you either but you need to be pleasant to each other? Since my Cub Scouts meet in an Elementary School (unfortunately the one my children attend) I have to be the happy, smiling, grinding my teeth, beating my head against the wall person to deal with the lovely ladies in the office. Well one is nice the other is a bitch on wheels. You know the type, she's the one that doesn't like you because whenever you stop in or call you make her do her job. Poor baby has to get her fat ass out of her chair and walk across the room to check the events book. Shame on me!!!! NOT!!!!! Anyway, I was informed last night at our weekly Den Meeting by the less then happy janitor, yeah I said janitor deal with it, that we weren't suppose to be there last night or the next two weeks which was news to me. So I call the school this morning and talk to the nice secretary who looks through the book and says that he was right but last night didn't matter because the other event was cancelled (obviously) but the next two weeks were out. OK cool. I apologised for showing up and all was swell. Then five hours later Miss I Hate My Job calls and leaves a message about how we weren't suppose to be at the school and we can't come the next two weeks and how I should have know this don't I look at my paperwork. Well yes I look at my paperwork when it is sent to me which somebody hasn't been doing. I'll give three guesses who's job that is and the first two don't count. All I have to say is I'm glad she got my machine because I'm not sure if I could have held my tongue. Being nice to someone you just want to bitch slap takes a lot out of you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Death: Always a shock

Although we knew my dad's best friend was going to be leaving us soon it was still a shock to get the call today. I have known this man for most of my life. He was a fixture at all our family functions: weddings, baptisms, BBQ's, funerals. Always smiling, always quick with the hug, always well there. He's going to be greatly missed. I can feel the void already. Losing someone has a way of making you reflect on ones own life. I've got it good, I can't complain. I try and savor every day because there are no guaranties...well except for death and taxes. (tiny smirk crosses my face, he would have liked that) sigh.........., he's gone. Bye Izzy.....bye.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Daytona+Rain=A crappy ending!!!

So I got all set up yesterday for the Daytona 500. While most folks probably broke out the chips and beer, and there is nothing wrong with that, I however prefer wine and cheese. Got situated on the couch, did I mention I stayed in my PJs all day, with the snack table filled with my goodies and started my TV watching marathon at about 11:00AM. Watched most of the prerace hype. LOVE IT!!!! Added bonus Keith Urban was the entertainment!!! NICE!!!

The race it's self was really good. Not sure how I feel about Jr's "mistake". It seemed a little aggressive but hey I wasn't in the car. However do to the may lay he caused my favorite driver, Elliot Sadler, wound up in the lead. He had a real shot at the win but he lost the draft and even though he most likely could have regained the lead a few laps later the rain started and NASCAR called the race and Matt Kenseth won. It's a sucky way to win any race but the Daytona 500!!! That race should be raced to the checkered flag!!! It's not really winning otherwise is it??? But on the up side Kyle Bush didn't win...actually he was taken out in the wreck caused by Jr and Vickers. So all is still right with the world!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try.....

you still get caught behind the eight ball?!?!?! I am so tired of scraping!!! All the juggling, all the penny watching, all the doing without is getting really tiring. This economy SUCKS!! Gas is going back up. Food is still sky high. Energy costs are ridiculous. I want to know how you go from Middle Class to Lower Class without a change in your wages!!! We make the same amount as before but now it's a struggle!! Maybe that's the problem. We still make the same. While everything has gone up our paychecks have reminded the same. So what use to be "easy liven" is now a big ball of stress!!!! Things like going out for pizza has become a huge treat. God forbid my kids get invited to a Birthday party...I have a ten dollar limit, five would be better. Silly no brainier things have become monkey wrenches in my budget and that is just insane. I shouldn't have to decide between the phone bill and food, nobody should. The folks up on Capital Hill need to realize that we think they all suck. THEY let the economy get to were it is by not doing their jobs. The rich got way richer and the poor are so poor that there isn't even a word for how poor they are and those of use who are stuck in the middle are just spiralling out of control toward certain disaster and all the politicians can do is in fight!!!!!! JUST SHUT UP AND DO THE JOBS YOU WERE VOTED TO DO AND GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!! The American people are on the verge of revolt and if that happens all hell is going to brake loose and we all will be screwed!!!