Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being "Nice" is exhusting

Ever have to deal with someone who you really don't like and that really doesn't like you either but you need to be pleasant to each other? Since my Cub Scouts meet in an Elementary School (unfortunately the one my children attend) I have to be the happy, smiling, grinding my teeth, beating my head against the wall person to deal with the lovely ladies in the office. Well one is nice the other is a bitch on wheels. You know the type, she's the one that doesn't like you because whenever you stop in or call you make her do her job. Poor baby has to get her fat ass out of her chair and walk across the room to check the events book. Shame on me!!!! NOT!!!!! Anyway, I was informed last night at our weekly Den Meeting by the less then happy janitor, yeah I said janitor deal with it, that we weren't suppose to be there last night or the next two weeks which was news to me. So I call the school this morning and talk to the nice secretary who looks through the book and says that he was right but last night didn't matter because the other event was cancelled (obviously) but the next two weeks were out. OK cool. I apologised for showing up and all was swell. Then five hours later Miss I Hate My Job calls and leaves a message about how we weren't suppose to be at the school and we can't come the next two weeks and how I should have know this don't I look at my paperwork. Well yes I look at my paperwork when it is sent to me which somebody hasn't been doing. I'll give three guesses who's job that is and the first two don't count. All I have to say is I'm glad she got my machine because I'm not sure if I could have held my tongue. Being nice to someone you just want to bitch slap takes a lot out of you.

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