Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I spent the day with a wiener in my lap

So I was feeling off yesterday, my head and chest hurt. My hips were still paining from the four hour dance marathon known as a wedding I attended Saturday night. (Worth every bit of agony I have been in since) So hubby stayed home to take care of the kiddies and me. Also it was snowing and he promised my four year old they'd go sleigh riding. Nine year old was bent that he had to go to school but tough!
So my day started off on the couch with a wiener in my wiener dog that is. She curled right up on me and went to sleep. She kept me warm. Every where I went she followed and wound up in my lap. The couch, the bed, the love seat I had a wiener in my lap!!! LOL!!! It was nice to have my own personally foot warmer, it is very useful! I highly recommend it!

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