Friday, January 30, 2009

Waiting Patiently...NOT!!!!!!!!

OK I know my husband is going to make fun of me but I really don't care. The suspense is killing me over the release of the Celtic Thunder 2009 tour dates!!! The fall tour was awesome!! My husband's very Irish Aunt and I went and had a wonderful time. This tour the whole family is going to go. My kids LOVE Celtic Thunder and hubby well he tolerate our enjoyment. CT puts on a fantastic show and the music is very diverse, something for everyone. So all I have to say is Sharon announce the dates already before me and countless other fans POP!!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I think I'm raising a Free Range Kid!!!

My Cub Scout Pack spent the night at the Franklin Institute this past Saturday. My son is nine, we were locked in, lots of security measures and everyone had cell phones. My husband and I plus a couple other parents let our boys "roam free" the entire time. We trusted them to stick together and not do anything stupid. We would check in with them now and then by phone or have a meeting time to see a show together but for the most part they were free to do what they wanted. The parents had a great time, the boys had a great time, it was a learning experience for us all. I mean how often do you get to run around a museum after hours with your two best buds and no parents to "cramp" your style!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gotta Love 'Um part du

So the little wise ass got me again this evening, here's the story: I'm sitting on the couch with my four year old and she says to me "Mommy I stink, smell me, I stink" so I smell her hair and say jokingly "Oh yeah PEW!" So she says "No Mommy smell by fingers". So I figured I'd humor her and smell them and they really did stink. So I say "WOW, your right your fingers do stink" and she starts laughing and says "That's 'cause they were in my butt!!" NICE!!!! I thought my husband was going to hyperventilate he was laughing so hard.

Gotta Love 'Um!!

My four year old daughter comes into my room yesterday morning as usual and we do our normal ritual: talking and snuggling. When done she goes to walk out of the room and say's to me "Bye Turd...OH I mean I love you mom!!!" and she looks over her shoulder with the devil dancing in her eyes. I was actually rendered speechless. I didn't want to laugh but it was really funny. I wasn't sure if I should yell at her because it was really funny. So I just chose to ignore it and say nothing. It just goes to show that what goes around comes around. I pride myself on being a wise ass. My angel is following in her mother's foot steps!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally Back!!!!

Wow, we got hit with one of those kill the computer virus worm things and it total screwed me all up. I couldn't do anything for a week. I felt like I had lost a family member!! Man that's sad...I think I'm a computer junkie. I need to check e-mail like every hour or I get all jittery...LOL!! And if there is no new mail I'll actually read old mail. I never realized how much time I spend on the computer until I didn't have it. A good portion of my day is spent typing, searching and reading. I think I need to do time management when it comes to my computer usage. I need to "wean" myself off the constant e-mail checking. I'll need to start small, maybe check it every other hour at first. I don't want to go to fast and go through withdrawals!!! My husband would come home and find me in the fetal position all sweaty and shaky..."OMG WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!" "I went cold turkey...I think I'm going to barf!!!" Then I become a closet e-mail checker and I wind up on the streets all strung out hitting the local library and cyber cafes trying to get my e-mail fix!!!! LOL!!! Now that's a mental picture!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I picked my son up from school on Friday and we start our usual chatter, how was school, do you have homework, where you warm enough? And some how we get on the subject of dressing our dog up. My daughter says we should put boots on the dog, son says how about a hula skirt and then, then we got really silly. Daughter says let's put her in a bathing suit and sons says a bikini and daughter says "that would be a lot of tops to cover all her boobies!!" And I say she would need a "Weenkini!" We all crack up and that's how the picture below was created. The twisted mind of my artist husband and the freaky vision of the rest of us!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you ever...

gotten hurt but you don't know how?? My pinky finger on my right hand is killing me. It started yesterday afternoon. It's swollen and sore and I have no idea what I did. You would think, with the way it looks and feels, I would remember but nope NOT A CLUE!!!! Is this part of the ageing process? Things just start hurting for no apparent reason!! I don't mind getting old because age is just a state of mind and mine is fairly twisted. But I can really do without the aches and random pains!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Circus Follow Up

So I did just what I said I was going to do at the PTO meeting...I sat and listened. I listened to parents complain but offer no solutions. I listened to the PTO President basically beg for volunteers...and not one complaining parent raised their hand. I listened to the Principle apologize for handling the situation at the Holiday Sing badly. All this time I just sat and I listened. I began thinking to myself "self it is in the best interest of your children and your Cub Scouts to make nice with the Principle." So I did. I apologised for losing my temper, and so did she, but I did reiterate my disappointment and aggravation over not being let in. We spoke to each other in a mature, respectful manor. (I am a firm believer that you get more flies with sugar then vinegar)
Well, once our conversation was over this one mom who can best be described as a "Bull in a China Shop" piped up and said "If your love fest is over I want to speak....I DID HAVE MY HAND UP FIRST". OK, whatever....well this very in your face women began to blast the Principle about how she had made a huge mistake by not letting parents in. That the excuse of Fire Marshal codes was BULLSHIT, she actually said that, and that she owes every parent and student an apologize. That she "ruined" every one's holiday. Well I for one can say my holiday was perfectly wonderful...maybe her family sucks and this was all she had to look forward too?!?!
When it was all said and done the "Bull" and her friend actually volunteered to help PTO with a couple of functions and I was flashed the death look from them when I went over to the Principle and we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.
I still do not agree with many of her policies but I feel that being mature is a much better way to handle the situation then demanding changed and stomping your foot like a spoiled child.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Ring Circus

Well tonight is the first PTO meeting after the giant miss step taken by the Principle at my son's elementary school. If you remember I blogged about how the Principle decided that parents were not welcome at the school's holiday sing however she forgot to tell us about it. Twenty five to thirty parents were turned away at the door. Well tonight is the night everyone will get to "express" their concerns. If should be a hoot!!! I've received three calls so far making sure I was going. I'm not only going I think I'll wear my party hat!! LOL!!! It's going to be a riot watching the Principle try to dig her way out of this one. She handled the situation poorly. There were several options she could have used but instead she insulted and infuriated the parents. Like I said it's going to be a very entertaining meeting. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OK, I need some SUN!!!

I have a really bad case of the blahs do to the lack of sunshine. I hate dreary winter days. I need sun on my face!!! It can be cold BUT I NEED SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get all funky and moody, well ok more moody, when the sun hides. I don't want to do anything but sleep. And even that is not satisfying. I NEED SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

How was my New Year....

...'nough said!!!! LMAO!!!!!