Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you ever...

gotten hurt but you don't know how?? My pinky finger on my right hand is killing me. It started yesterday afternoon. It's swollen and sore and I have no idea what I did. You would think, with the way it looks and feels, I would remember but nope NOT A CLUE!!!! Is this part of the ageing process? Things just start hurting for no apparent reason!! I don't mind getting old because age is just a state of mind and mine is fairly twisted. But I can really do without the aches and random pains!!

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Reeky said...

okay, I'll come clean. When you were sleeping, the dog and I were wrestling in bed and fell on your pinky finger. It was the dog's fault not mine, she started it.

what's going to happen when you get as old as I am?