Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Apparently my four year old's preschool teacher told the class that "Mommy's have eyes in the back of their head" and ever since then my daughter has been curious about it. Well today while I was sitting on the floor putting in the Walle DVD, which I might add is a GREAT movie, Gracie comes up behind me and asks if she can "see the eyes in the back of my head". I tell her sure and she starts looking through my hair. Now she is really searching and I tell her to be careful and with that I yell "Ouch, you poked me in the eye!" and I start rubbing the back of my head. She pulls her hand back and say's she's sorry and runs to the couch. At this point I am cracking up on the inside. I turn to tell her that it was alright and she has the sad face again. "Mommy, I want eyes in the back of my head too" she sighs. "Well honey you will get them when you become a mommy" I comment back trying not to burst out laughing. With that she says "But I want them now...I don't want to wait 'till I'm old like you!!" and crosses her arms across her chest and makes a pouty face. "Sorry those are the rules" I tell her and leave the room.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a Dork

We leave for our family vacation to Disney World in two weeks. I've been collecting Princess costumes for the little princes to wear while we are there. She has: Snow White, Mulan, Jasmine, Cinderella and Minnie Mouse. All I needed was Tinker Bell and the collection would be complete. But I didn't want just any costume, it had to be perfect!! After endless weeks of searching on Ebay, which by the way I am addicted to, I find it...the most adorable Tinker Bell costume WITH WINGS!! Brand New no less. So of course I bid and won. Now all I had to do was wait for it to get here, I was like a child waiting for Santa!! Well it arrived today and it is even more gorgeous in person than it was on the screen AND THE WINGS LIGHT UP!!!! Wasn't expecting that! Now for the Dork part...I actually welled up and a tear rolled down my cheek! I had found the Perfect Tinker Bell Costume for my princess!! I'm such a D-O-R-K!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The ER and Nine Year Olds

Yes, I spent Wednesday night at the ER with my nine year old. It seems my four year jumped on our sleeping puppy and pulled her tail causing her to jump and snap at whatever was there. The "whatever" just happened to be my son's right hand. Petunia the Wonder Wienie bit him good. Blood every where.

OK, fast forward to the ER. My son and I are waiting to be called back, just hanging out. Five different people came and asked us the same questions about the dog. (Poor "Tunie" she's now got a mark next to her name that wasn't really her fault) After an hour, which by ER standards really wasn't all that long, we go to an examining room. Three different people look at the wound and one more asks us about the dog. Finally the doctor comes in says he needs stitches, and I'm thinking "Well DUH!!" and he leaves to get the stuff needed to take care of it. Now all this time my son has been really quiet and looked very calm but now he's a little more animated and I see him thinking hard about something. I figure he's stressed about the stitches or the shot needed to numb the area, or how is he going to write or play cello BUT NO!!! His main concern was how was he going to play Wii!!! He's got a nasty gash in his hand and his main concern was how he was going to hold the controller in his right hand!!! N-I-C-E!!!!!

Anyway I'm glad to report that he only needed four stitches but received two since it was a dog bite and they were concerned about infection so it needed to stay semi open..YUCK and that Yes he was/is able to play Wii and mainly Guitar Hero with little pain!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sad Four Year Old

I'm in working on the computer and I hear my daughter crying. So I go in to see what was wrong (I immediately thought the puppy ate one of her Barbies) and I find her sitting in the middle of the living room floor balling her eyes out. Apparently the movie "It's a Ruff Life" on Disney had just started and the beginning shows puppies in a box for people to take. Well all but the white puppy is taken. It starts to rain and the little pup is all alone in the box. It just broke my daughter heart!! "That little puppy is all alone!! Nobody wanted him!! They took all the black ones and left the white one! He's so cute...how come nobody took him?!?! I'm so sad mommy, make me feel better!!!" So I quick scoop her up in one arm and grab the remote to change the channel with the other. She was really really upset. Tears flowing, head buried in my shoulder. I tried so hard to tell her it was just a movie and it was all make believe.

After a few minutes of snuggling me and our puppy she calmed down. I felt so bad for her. Gotta love the big hearts of kids!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Killz means Kills

So after I get the wall paper border nightmare done I start on priming the room...keeping in mind I'm still sick. I was using Killz indoor latex low odor primer so I figured there would be no problem....RIGHT!!!! I think I poisoned myself. No kidding!! I couldn't breath, it made me even more nauseated than I already was AND talk about sneezing!!!! You think I would have learned my lesson from the last time we used Killz. Nine years ago when we first moved into the house my husband was turning said room into the nursery. He sent me out to get primer, which I did. Hubby's in painting away and he comes out looking awful. He had a headache and was seeing spots. We thought maybe he over did it or was getting sick. Well that wasn't the case. Being new to the whole painting thing I didn't realize that there is exterior and interior primer...yeah, Oops I had a blonde moment and got the exterior one. (and I'm not blonde) So that time he really was being poisoned but this time I made sure it said interior latex low order!!! So just to recap kidz....Killz=Kills!!!!

Wall Paper SUCKS!!!!!

We, meaning hubby and I...well mainly hubby, are redoing my daughters room. She has been stuck in "nursery" limbo for about a year now. We figured at four and a half it was time to update it for her. Well that has been easier said then done. The main problem was some idiot, that being ME, thought it would be so cute to have a wallpaper board in the baby's room. Yes it went up easy enough, now getting this crap down is another story. To start with, I still had this flu, cold, stomach virus thingy I have been battling for two weeks now. So needless to say I was in less than a cheery mood. So here I am scoring the boarder, rolling on the chemical that loosens the glue, waiting ten minutes and then getting down on my knees, using the scrapper thing and trying to get this paper off the wall. It's a small room, 9X9, it should only have taken an hour...NOT!!!! I lost track after two and a half!!! I swear the same man who invented four inch heals is the same man who invented wall paper paste!!! And I have learned my lesson about both. They look nice but after dealing with them for two hours they suck monkey balls!!!!

To answer "What the HELL was that?!?!?!"

Ok, I'm really not sure what it was. I thought it was a piece of lung or large flem ball but it scurried away before I had a chance to identify it. Sorry!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What the hell was that!!!

OK, I am still sick!! I picked my youngest up from preschool, had lunch and laid on the couch for a little rest. To my surprise the little rubber ball actually came and laid down with me AND FELL A SLEEP!!!! Even the hyper wiener dog joined the snooze feast. It was blissful until the coughing fit!! It came on slowly and built to a full blown coughing, wheezing, tears rolling down my face nightmare. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse this giant yellowish green congealed blob came hurling out of my mouth and landed on my leg. I thought to myself "What the HELL is that?!?!?!" Was it part of my lung? Had I dislodge the worlds largest flem ball? All I know is that it was gross! However, after hacking this thing up I felt much better. And miraculously the dog and child stayed asleep through this whole ordeal. N-I-C-E!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Why do my children have to fight like cats and dogs, especially when I'm sick???? I asked nicely, please just go do something that doesn't require yelling, screaming, slamming or jumping. I say, go do your homework now so it's done. What do I get, attitude?!!! Which in returns makes me yell, causing my throat to strain which in return sends me into a coughing fit which just makes me more mad!!! Why, why can't they just give me a break!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love 'um...or do we???


I don’t think I could have stomached anymore news or commercial coverage!! Enough is enough. Two years of political posturing is over kill!!! I’m glad..or actually THRILLED that Obama won. The Republican nightmare is almost over!!!! They have promised “change” for the last eight years…yeah we got change, change for the worse!! Now it’s time to see what the Democrats can do. Don’t screw it up!! PLEASE DON”T SCREW IT UP!!!! The thought of Caribou Barbie running in 2012 and winning is NAUSEATING!!! Oh Lord Democrats PLEASE DON’T SCREW UP this golden opportunity for change!!!!

Thanks Phils

Ok, I will admit it…I really am not a sports fan but my nine year old son is.

He’s actually a Philly Fanatic, much to my dismay. So when the Phils made it to the World Series I knew I was in for some really boring nights, or so I thought. Well yes the games themselves where boring (to me) but watching the excitement on my son’s face was awesome. To sit an enjoy watching him thoroughly submersed, biting his nails, yelling at the TV, jumping up and doing his “Oh Yeah” dance, struggling to keep his eyes open when the games ran WAY LATE, eating pounds of popcorn…it was just GREAT!! And the best part was we, as a family, watched the Phils WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!

The Hasney’s will always be able to look back and remember being in our living room, popcorn flying in the air, clapping and screaming together when that last out was made and the Phils broke the curse!!! This is the stuff life long memories are made of!!

Thanx Phils!!!

Celtic Thunder and the Gym

Ok, so I loaded both Celtic Thunder CD’s onto my new ipod and went off to the gym (which I might add is not my favorite place to go but I go anyway ).

I drop my stuff in the locker room and take my place at my usual elliptical.

I pop in my earbuds, set the time on the machine to twenty minutes and hit play on the ipod.

It was like magic!!

All of the sudden I’m not at the gym but back at the Philly concert! I closed my eyes and saw the whole show replying in my head.

Well I must have been smiling really wide because when I opened my eyes to see how much longer I had to go the person across from me was looking at me like I was insane. Then I realized that I was not only smiling but mouthing the words and doing “Swanky” eyebrow moves . I just winked at the guy and closed my eyes and went back to the concert in my head, I had another five minutes to go.

When I was through the guy who was looking at my like I was insane was still there and he came up to me and said “I have to ask, what are you listening? It seems to bring you great joy.” I told him it was Celtic Thunder, the greatest new band that’s out. He replied with an “Oh” and walked away.

It’s funny, in this guys “weird” way he summed up how I feel about the music, the performance and the lads of Celtic Thunder…it brings me Great Joy!!!! And it also makes my workout seem not so much like torture any more!!!

Thanks Ryan, George, Paul, Keith and Damian for making me not dread the gym!!

Ms. Tammy

My name is Tammy.

I am a 39 year old woman from SE PA.

I am married and have two children.

My primary focus is towards my children. I am a stay home mother that also manages three separate business situations. Let’s just say that Life. Is. Busy.

I try to stay active. I go to the gym and work out on a regular basis. I am getting close to turning the big 40 and am cool with it. I have two great children that make me proud 90% of the time. The other 10%? We won’t go it to that here.

Husband? Yeah, Rick. Artist. Married 13+ years now.

Pets? Petunia the Wonder Weinie
Smoke? No
Extracurricular activities? Yes, please.