Thursday, November 20, 2008

The ER and Nine Year Olds

Yes, I spent Wednesday night at the ER with my nine year old. It seems my four year jumped on our sleeping puppy and pulled her tail causing her to jump and snap at whatever was there. The "whatever" just happened to be my son's right hand. Petunia the Wonder Wienie bit him good. Blood every where.

OK, fast forward to the ER. My son and I are waiting to be called back, just hanging out. Five different people came and asked us the same questions about the dog. (Poor "Tunie" she's now got a mark next to her name that wasn't really her fault) After an hour, which by ER standards really wasn't all that long, we go to an examining room. Three different people look at the wound and one more asks us about the dog. Finally the doctor comes in says he needs stitches, and I'm thinking "Well DUH!!" and he leaves to get the stuff needed to take care of it. Now all this time my son has been really quiet and looked very calm but now he's a little more animated and I see him thinking hard about something. I figure he's stressed about the stitches or the shot needed to numb the area, or how is he going to write or play cello BUT NO!!! His main concern was how was he going to play Wii!!! He's got a nasty gash in his hand and his main concern was how he was going to hold the controller in his right hand!!! N-I-C-E!!!!!

Anyway I'm glad to report that he only needed four stitches but received two since it was a dog bite and they were concerned about infection so it needed to stay semi open..YUCK and that Yes he was/is able to play Wii and mainly Guitar Hero with little pain!!!!

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