Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sad Four Year Old

I'm in working on the computer and I hear my daughter crying. So I go in to see what was wrong (I immediately thought the puppy ate one of her Barbies) and I find her sitting in the middle of the living room floor balling her eyes out. Apparently the movie "It's a Ruff Life" on Disney had just started and the beginning shows puppies in a box for people to take. Well all but the white puppy is taken. It starts to rain and the little pup is all alone in the box. It just broke my daughter heart!! "That little puppy is all alone!! Nobody wanted him!! They took all the black ones and left the white one! He's so cute...how come nobody took him?!?! I'm so sad mommy, make me feel better!!!" So I quick scoop her up in one arm and grab the remote to change the channel with the other. She was really really upset. Tears flowing, head buried in my shoulder. I tried so hard to tell her it was just a movie and it was all make believe.

After a few minutes of snuggling me and our puppy she calmed down. I felt so bad for her. Gotta love the big hearts of kids!!!

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