Thursday, November 6, 2008

Celtic Thunder and the Gym

Ok, so I loaded both Celtic Thunder CD’s onto my new ipod and went off to the gym (which I might add is not my favorite place to go but I go anyway ).

I drop my stuff in the locker room and take my place at my usual elliptical.

I pop in my earbuds, set the time on the machine to twenty minutes and hit play on the ipod.

It was like magic!!

All of the sudden I’m not at the gym but back at the Philly concert! I closed my eyes and saw the whole show replying in my head.

Well I must have been smiling really wide because when I opened my eyes to see how much longer I had to go the person across from me was looking at me like I was insane. Then I realized that I was not only smiling but mouthing the words and doing “Swanky” eyebrow moves . I just winked at the guy and closed my eyes and went back to the concert in my head, I had another five minutes to go.

When I was through the guy who was looking at my like I was insane was still there and he came up to me and said “I have to ask, what are you listening? It seems to bring you great joy.” I told him it was Celtic Thunder, the greatest new band that’s out. He replied with an “Oh” and walked away.

It’s funny, in this guys “weird” way he summed up how I feel about the music, the performance and the lads of Celtic Thunder…it brings me Great Joy!!!! And it also makes my workout seem not so much like torture any more!!!

Thanks Ryan, George, Paul, Keith and Damian for making me not dread the gym!!

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Rick Hasney said...

great joy was when my wife returned from the concert. I think there was even money on her getting on the tour bus. my aunt's comment, "you know, tam is a REAL groupie"