Monday, November 17, 2008

Killz means Kills

So after I get the wall paper border nightmare done I start on priming the room...keeping in mind I'm still sick. I was using Killz indoor latex low odor primer so I figured there would be no problem....RIGHT!!!! I think I poisoned myself. No kidding!! I couldn't breath, it made me even more nauseated than I already was AND talk about sneezing!!!! You think I would have learned my lesson from the last time we used Killz. Nine years ago when we first moved into the house my husband was turning said room into the nursery. He sent me out to get primer, which I did. Hubby's in painting away and he comes out looking awful. He had a headache and was seeing spots. We thought maybe he over did it or was getting sick. Well that wasn't the case. Being new to the whole painting thing I didn't realize that there is exterior and interior primer...yeah, Oops I had a blonde moment and got the exterior one. (and I'm not blonde) So that time he really was being poisoned but this time I made sure it said interior latex low order!!! So just to recap kidz....Killz=Kills!!!!

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