Friday, November 7, 2008

What the hell was that!!!

OK, I am still sick!! I picked my youngest up from preschool, had lunch and laid on the couch for a little rest. To my surprise the little rubber ball actually came and laid down with me AND FELL A SLEEP!!!! Even the hyper wiener dog joined the snooze feast. It was blissful until the coughing fit!! It came on slowly and built to a full blown coughing, wheezing, tears rolling down my face nightmare. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse this giant yellowish green congealed blob came hurling out of my mouth and landed on my leg. I thought to myself "What the HELL is that?!?!?!" Was it part of my lung? Had I dislodge the worlds largest flem ball? All I know is that it was gross! However, after hacking this thing up I felt much better. And miraculously the dog and child stayed asleep through this whole ordeal. N-I-C-E!!!

1 comment:

Rick Hasney said...

Holy Crap! mmmmmmmm, what's for dinner? hope it's not dumplings my dear.

glad that shooting the flemball-to-mergatroid makes you feel bedda.