Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks Phils

Ok, I will admit it…I really am not a sports fan but my nine year old son is.

He’s actually a Philly Fanatic, much to my dismay. So when the Phils made it to the World Series I knew I was in for some really boring nights, or so I thought. Well yes the games themselves where boring (to me) but watching the excitement on my son’s face was awesome. To sit an enjoy watching him thoroughly submersed, biting his nails, yelling at the TV, jumping up and doing his “Oh Yeah” dance, struggling to keep his eyes open when the games ran WAY LATE, eating pounds of popcorn…it was just GREAT!! And the best part was we, as a family, watched the Phils WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!!

The Hasney’s will always be able to look back and remember being in our living room, popcorn flying in the air, clapping and screaming together when that last out was made and the Phils broke the curse!!! This is the stuff life long memories are made of!!

Thanx Phils!!!

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Rick Hasney said...

ricky called tammy an asshole the evening of the rain delay game. first, yes, he is still alive. second, after they won, tam let him cut school and go to philly to the celebration parade with nick and matt