Monday, November 17, 2008

Wall Paper SUCKS!!!!!

We, meaning hubby and I...well mainly hubby, are redoing my daughters room. She has been stuck in "nursery" limbo for about a year now. We figured at four and a half it was time to update it for her. Well that has been easier said then done. The main problem was some idiot, that being ME, thought it would be so cute to have a wallpaper board in the baby's room. Yes it went up easy enough, now getting this crap down is another story. To start with, I still had this flu, cold, stomach virus thingy I have been battling for two weeks now. So needless to say I was in less than a cheery mood. So here I am scoring the boarder, rolling on the chemical that loosens the glue, waiting ten minutes and then getting down on my knees, using the scrapper thing and trying to get this paper off the wall. It's a small room, 9X9, it should only have taken an hour...NOT!!!! I lost track after two and a half!!! I swear the same man who invented four inch heals is the same man who invented wall paper paste!!! And I have learned my lesson about both. They look nice but after dealing with them for two hours they suck monkey balls!!!!

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