Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Apparently my four year old's preschool teacher told the class that "Mommy's have eyes in the back of their head" and ever since then my daughter has been curious about it. Well today while I was sitting on the floor putting in the Walle DVD, which I might add is a GREAT movie, Gracie comes up behind me and asks if she can "see the eyes in the back of my head". I tell her sure and she starts looking through my hair. Now she is really searching and I tell her to be careful and with that I yell "Ouch, you poked me in the eye!" and I start rubbing the back of my head. She pulls her hand back and say's she's sorry and runs to the couch. At this point I am cracking up on the inside. I turn to tell her that it was alright and she has the sad face again. "Mommy, I want eyes in the back of my head too" she sighs. "Well honey you will get them when you become a mommy" I comment back trying not to burst out laughing. With that she says "But I want them now...I don't want to wait 'till I'm old like you!!" and crosses her arms across her chest and makes a pouty face. "Sorry those are the rules" I tell her and leave the room.


Rick Hasney said...

So twenty years from now, laying on some therapist's couch, the princess is going to decribe some horrible tale about poking out one of the eyes in the back of her mother's head.

did she look for your bucket ears?

Rick Hasney said...

I forgot the obvious comment.