Tuesday, December 2, 2008


OMG...I HATE LAUNDRY!!! I swear it multiplies...you throw one pair of jeans in the laundry room and by morning there are four!!! And if you don't wash them right away there will be six by lunch. It's evil, EVIL stuff. So time consuming!! Never ending!!! And once it's washed you have to dry it, fold it and put it away!! By the time you get that all done THERE ARE MORE DIRTY CLOTHES!! Where does it all come from?? Are there laundry gnomes?? Is their sole purpose in life to create piles of dirty clothes???? Do they have a look out who alerts the rest when the washer and dryer is empty. "HOLY CRAP men, she's finished it all...GET MORE!!!!" Sirens go off and gnomes search my home looking for crap for me to wash. I need a laundry holiday. National Screw Dirty Clothes Day!! Now that would be sweet. A day when the washer and dryer are silent!! But then that would mean twice as much the next day. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! DAMN I REALLY HATE LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!

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