Thursday, December 18, 2008

WOW...What a Week!!!

Ok, I'm back from Disney...which was great and I will blog about it later but let me tell you about my week back so far. First, our plane had to circle Philly Airport for an extra hour because only one run way was open. Apparently a plane had to make an emergency landing earlier in the day. The landing gear didn't fully open so they filled the run way with foam and the plane had to "crash land". Now I HATE flying so the extra time in the air ascending and descending and banking was just absolute torture. We finally land in terminal A we have to walk all the way to terminal B for our luggage. Not really a big deal just annoying. Once we retrieve our luggage and catch our shuttle home our next saga began. It is max a 45 minute ride from Philly Airport to my front door but we get several other passenger on our shuttle from the Northeast which is a little inconvenient but tolerable. Well it turns out that the one older lady going to Feasterville really has no idea where the house is she is being dropped off at...NICE I know. Mean while I am so fried I just want to go HOME!!!! Finally we locate the house and drop her off. Now we are at least 20 minutes from my house. In my head I'm like "Dude get on Rt. 1 and go!!!" which he does but he is one of those drivers who can't hold the gas peddle at one steady speed and I'm about to freak out!! 60...50...55...50...60...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! JUST DRIVE ONE SPEED!!!

Finally we arrive home...Thank GOD... to begin the next stage of our saga. We have a house alarm that is hard wired into the police station and we have never had a problem with it UNTIL THAT NIGHT!!! The keypad was frozen...we could not turn the alarm off. It's very loud and very scary to my four year old. Hubby and I are frantically trying to get the alarm to turn off. I'm on the phone with the alarm service telling them not to send the police and finding out how to get this damn thing to shut off. Finally hubby yanks it out of the wall and cuts the wires. Silences!!!! Apparently there was a power surge while we were gone and the keypad got zapped.

Now it is 1AM and we can finally go to bed. Kids are asleep. Alarm is off. House is warm (I'm way cheap, I turned the heat down to 55 while we were gone) All is right with the world...NOT. Son wakes up coughing and has a fever. Give him some meds and send him back to bed. Beep, Beep,'s 7AM. I can't even open my eyes. Kids are still snoring. Screw it NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!! Yeah...back to sleep.

Once the kids and I woke up (poor hubby had to go to work) the day went fine until 5:30PM. Hubby calls "Hey hun, battery is dead in my car" and I'm like "Isn't there someone there who can jump you?! I don't want to drive out!!" Hubby works a half hour away and I really didn't want to go out. Thankfully he does get a jump and all is well. Besides the extra unexpected cost of a battery.

Tuesday night is suppose to be our Cub Scout Pack's big Christmas Party. We have the Marines come and do a uniform inspection. We collect Toys for Tots. We have a big cookie exchange. Santa comes with goody bags for all the Cubs and the siblings. It's going to be a great night...well the school district cancelled all after school actives do to the impending snow (which we DID NOT GET!!!) So I spent the afternoon calling parents and organizations to cancel our party!! It really SUCKED!!!

Wednesday, I wake up sick...stuffed head, fever, cough. Hubby goes to work late so he can drop the nine year old off at school for me. Lay around all day. Four year old and I nap on the couch. Felt better after a shower. Pull it together enough to make meatballs for dinner!! (I know, I'm awesome...LOL!!!)

Now here it is Thursday and the day is going ok...if you don't count the whack job Cub parent who calls at 8:15AM accusing us of not returning calls and asking for a refund. All I have to say to you is talk to your husband before you call me with miss information and good riddens!!! I love the way people forget that our positions with the Scouts are all volunteer!!! GEEZE!!!!

Well that's my week in a nut shell so far. I have some great Disney stories to pass along. Keep watching for those!!!!

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Reeky said...

freakin' blog stealer. this was going to be my "today's" post.

good thing I love you.


you left out the part about when the scout meeting at the school got canceled, at the time we would have been arriving, two kids were kidnapped at gunpoint. since scout had been canceled out son was playing at his best friends house which is directly across the street from the school where the kidnapping happened. because of the sleeting our kids were playing inside.