Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OK I'm on my broom now!!!!

Regarding the school not allowing parents into the Holiday Sing....they really did turn us away!!! Twentyfive to thirty parents were basically thrown out of my son's elementary school this afternoon because we "were not invited" to be there. Our children were singing in the choir and playing instruments in the orchestra for the staff, faculty and fellow students but NOT THEIR PARENTS. We don't count. Except when you need something from us...like MONEY!!!!

My son is going to be devastated when he realizes I'm not there however I did tell him that the Principle may not let me in SOooooooo I know he will spread that to his fellow classmates who will in turn tell their parents. I love to stir the pot!!! Hell I lead a revolt today!!! All those parents stood behind me and made comments as loud or louder then me. Once we were told to leave I told all my "followers" to make sure to attend the January PTO meeting. The only way to get change is to make it happen. I'm a put up or shut up kind-a gal!!!

As I walked away many parents remained. They had worked themselves up into a "Call the Cops" frenzy. I suggested the better way to handle it was to walk away and commit to making a change by attending PTO meetings and letter writing. It's amazing what an article in the local newspaper can do.

It also makes me wonder what is going on in the school that the Principle doesn't want parents in the halls to often?!?!?! It seems to me that she should be thrilled that so many parents want to be part of their children's school life yet she is not. WHY?!?!?!?!

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Reeky said...

Is it safe to come home?

And that sucks that our son wasn't allowed to share his first concert with us.

I don't care about the money for the cello. It's money well spent, because he is learning to play. But the idea of locking out parents for a concert. Makes no sense.