Monday, December 22, 2008

So disappointing

The following is a letter that I wrote to the PTO President of the Elementary School my son goes to (Not like it is going to mean a whole lot but shit I'm pissed!!!).

I am very disappointed in our elementary school (real name changed for obvious reasons) and their desire to exclude parents from school activities. My son is playing the Cello tomorrow during the Christmas Sing. He really wants me to come and see him. I had heard through the grape vine that parents were not invited and I thought that must be a mistake. Well it is not. I called the school today and was told that this was a school wide event that did not include parents. I asked if I did come would I be able to see him play and I was told that it could not be guaranteed. That is just ridiculous and unacceptable. This is an elementary school not a prison. If I want to come and see my son play Christmas songs with the school orchestra I should be able to.
I am very disappointed in this attitude of excluding parents. Something has to change. All the other elementary schools do many holiday events including a concert at night. My son is going to be devastated that I will mostly not be able to see him play.
What a great way to spread holiday cheer!!!

So does anyone else find it insane that as a parent I can not come and see my son in his Holiday Concert?!?!?!? Or is it just me????


christian said...

Damn right that would piss me off as well... Did they explain why the parents were not invited??

itsTammy said...

Ok so it's not just me. I have decided to go and see what happens. I won't make a big fuss if I am denied but I will definitely be at the next PTO meeting!!! And no the school has not given me a reason yet except that the Principle has a wild hair up her ass!!!

Reeky said...

if I had a single hour of PTO time left, you know I'd be there at your side. Total BS.

We both agree there should be security but after that, parents should always have access to their children. especially when every other school in our district has an open door policy except ours.