Sunday, December 28, 2008

Light weight

I'm feeling my age today which is rare. We had friends over last night for drinks. After three glasses of wine I was toast...but of course I kept going. I had to throw the towel in at glass number five. You know when you've had enough when you are laughing at yourself do the fact that you can no longer formulate words. Yes I was gone!!!!
I was rather impressed that I was able to make it to my bed without any help from hubby. Oh my pillow, how sweet it was. It never felt so good to be horizontal. I think I was able to give a good night kiss to my hubby and mumble "I love you". The last thing I remember is laughing to myself about how trashed I was.
Morning did come way to soon and I was thrilled that I didn't have a hangover. After a nice cup of coffee I was able to pull my act together...sort of. I did spend most of the day laying around and feeling really tired.
The good ole days of partying all night are long gone...oh well!!!

1 comment:

Reeky said...

cheap date?
lot of fun?
hell yeah!

you are just out of shape (drinkin' wise).

When I first met you, you had a significant alcohol tolerance going on. you weighed less than 100 lbs. but you always kept up with me.

A) either, know your current limits and stick with them, or
B) say WFT and drink more and more often