Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aaahh a New Year...

I am looking forward to 2009. A fresh new start, well fresh as the date some old problems will be following...bills, lawsuit, aches, pains...did I mention bills? Any who, I am going to try and be positive which is really not like me. I am always waiting for that other shoe to drop. Always prepared for the worse this way I am not shocked. But I am really going to try this year to have a better out look. I am not going to say that I am going to lose weight, I'm just not going to gain anymore. I'm not going to say that I will eliminated debit, I'm just not going to add to it. I'm not going to say that I will be "nicer" to people, I'm just going to say things in my head instead of out loud.

However there are a few this to look forward to in 2009: I'm turning forty and I am OK with that. Celtic Thunder will be back in the states at some point YEAH!!! We have a great new camper to spend fabulous family time in. The community pool and all the fun that goes with that. Good friends are getting married and it's going to be a rockin wedding. The last year of Cub Scout obligation!!! (I do have mixed emotion about that)

So here's to 2008 you had your up and downs now go away!!!!

Happy New Year!!


Reeky said...


don't overcomplicate with a list of resolutions made to set you up for a fall.

take it one day at a time. do one simple positive thing each day. A changed behavior, not a retooled lifestyle.

keep it simple and enjoy the ride.

Bounty Hunter said...

How in the world did you convince Rick to let you go to see Celtic Thunder? Does he feel threatened by George? Or do you allow him to go and ogle Zara and Megan as his recompense?

Check out my Google Knol for more Celtic Thunder:

Reeky said...

George? No, she's a Ryan fan!

catch up here:

And my wife is real smart. I didn't get to see Zara or Megan, she left me home. She took me ooo soo Irish Aunt Helena. Aunt Helena's only comment after they got back from the CT concert to me was, "Wow, she's a REAL groupie"

happy new year to all.

Bounty Hunter said...

Oh, no. That's REAL BAD if she's a Ryan fan. He is the "demonic seducer", the "lady ravisher" and you have NO HOPE LEFT.

Your only solace is that with his millions of admirers throughout the world, that he will be too tired to do anything but spark or incite dreams by the time he comes around Tammy, and that he will likely leave her just as quickly as he finds another quarry.

Patience, Brother Rick, and she will be yours again.

Next time the show comes to town, YOU go along and you can pay her back by ogling Zara and Megan. Then YOU will be the one who has to sleep in the doghouse. But I assure you, the ogle will be worth it.

itsTammy said...

HEY...Who says I don't already ogle Zara myself...besides I'm in it for the fling not the romance!!! LMAO!!! I'd break that boy!!! Besides Ireland is to cold for me!!!

Bounty Hunter said...

Now that statement intrigues me. Sounds like lots of fun to me. Too bad I'm too old to join all that fun.

I just read a few minutes ago that Paul is dating Phil's daughter, and he sang at a friend's wedding.

I'm sure that if you went to Ireland, Ryan would keep you warm -- at least for a little while.

You're right, Ireland is a bit cold, but when they toured the US last month, especially Washington state, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, they FROZE their butts off. I don't think they realized how cold COLD is here in parts of America. Definitely a lot colder than Ireland.

This song was recorded in New Zealand, where it is SUMMERTIME now: