Friday, January 30, 2009

Waiting Patiently...NOT!!!!!!!!

OK I know my husband is going to make fun of me but I really don't care. The suspense is killing me over the release of the Celtic Thunder 2009 tour dates!!! The fall tour was awesome!! My husband's very Irish Aunt and I went and had a wonderful time. This tour the whole family is going to go. My kids LOVE Celtic Thunder and hubby well he tolerate our enjoyment. CT puts on a fantastic show and the music is very diverse, something for everyone. So all I have to say is Sharon announce the dates already before me and countless other fans POP!!!!!!


Reeky said...

we all have our vices

mine are you, email, blogging, and you.

unfortunately for me, yours are 5 men and none of them are me. : (

Wendy said...

Right on Lady!!!! I too am waiting on pins and needles for the dates

Bounty Hunter said...

Tammy, did you know that Celtic Thunder made the Top 20 Concerts and Shows List in North America in 2008?

The 2009 tour will likely make the top 15, don't you agree?