Saturday, February 7, 2009


WAHOO!!!! NASCAR season has started!!! I'm sittin here with a Kahlua and cream in one hand, the computer in my lap, my wiener snuggled up one side, my hubby on the other and THE BUD SHOOT OUT ON MY TV!!!!!!! My favorite driver, Elliot Sadler stared second and there's been two wrecks so far none involving him!!!

If you haven't caught on yet I'm a HUGE NASCAR FAN!!! You can find me every Sunday (and several Saturdays) from the third Sunday in February until mid November in front of the TV screaming and jumping around like a moron. I just can't help myself. I grew up watching and going to races with my dad.

There is just something about the sound of the cars, the smell of the track, the adrenaline in the air, it's just thrilling. I mean I am just sitting here in my living room and my heart is pounding!!! Oh, Oh wreck number three....Sadler made it through!!!! YEHAW!! Daytona is such a fantastic track. Come on FOUR WIDE!!!!! Now that's entertainment.
Boy someday I'd love to go for a ride in a stock car just to see how it feels to go 200 mph right up against the wall!!!!! That would be freakin awesome!!!! Ok I can't focus on blogging the race is to crazy to look away from!!!



Reeky said...

weiner dog. dog.

I wanna be a race car driver coach. I can see it now....

"Driver, go fast, okay, turn left, more left, okay go straight, go fast. FASTER. Okay now turn left again.

Okay, I am done picking on racing. It makes you happy and that make me happy.

Bounty Hunter said...

But she doesn't like MY favorite drivers, Jeff and Jimmy and Mark. I used to not like Junior until he began maturing after his dad died. He's improved 100% and I like the new Jr.

You've got a great wife, Reeky and you must be a pretty good guy too for her to put up with you.

Just noticed where you live -- my sister lives in that quadrant of your state, and works for that state just east of you doing stuff for the state dept of education.

She kissed me when she visited this week and now I want to marry her if she ever dumps her husband. (You can tell I've lived in Tennessee and Arkansas too long, huh?)

Well, do you blame me? Tammy is already taken and Reeky's not gay. So there. Sis, here I come. Dump that bum.