Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Death: Always a shock

Although we knew my dad's best friend was going to be leaving us soon it was still a shock to get the call today. I have known this man for most of my life. He was a fixture at all our family functions: weddings, baptisms, BBQ's, funerals. Always smiling, always quick with the hug, always well there. He's going to be greatly missed. I can feel the void already. Losing someone has a way of making you reflect on ones own life. I've got it good, I can't complain. I try and savor every day because there are no guaranties...well except for death and taxes. (tiny smirk crosses my face, he would have liked that) sigh..........
Wow....wow, he's gone. Bye Izzy.....bye.

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Reeky said...

Izzy was a class act. I remember him rescueing us in the PR move. Great guy. Big man in a small body.

sorry, had to stop and cry.
RIP Izz.